Specializing in personalized and custom high-end residential interior design, we elevate traditional silhouettes with eclectic colors and textures to create stylish, comfortable and uniquely joyful homes.

About Us

Cameron Design Group Founder and Principal Parrish Cameron Robe Chilcoat believes that one’s home should be a joyful sanctuary. Fascinated by function, Parrish considers her client’s daily routines and household needs to be the foundation of every project. For her, successful decoration is finding the balance between beauty and utility. She approaches each project collaboratively to capture the lifestyle and personality of her clients.

Born and raised on the East Coast, Parrish began cultivating her perennial obsession with interiors as a child. At 7 years old she received a white clapboard dollhouse for Christmas and painstakingly decorated it down to the last minute detail. When she was 9 years old the design book, 60 Years of Interior Design: the World of McMillen, was published about her step great-grandmother Eleanor McMillen Brown and her firm McMillen Inc. Her great grandfather Archibald Brown had been a prolific architect during the first half of the 1900’s. Parrish voraciously read the book cover to cover numerous times. While her friends were reading Teen Beat, she was begging for shelter magazines at the supermarket checkout! A lifelong passion had begun, which she was fortunate enough to be able to turn into a career.

Parrish began her career working for mentor and tastemaker Suzanne Rheinstein at Suzanne Rheinstein & Associates. She then managed multiple projects for high profile interior designer Michael Smith. It was at Michael Smith Inc in 2002 that she met future business partner Joe Lucas. Together they formed the interior design firm Lucas Studio Inc in 2005. They continued to quickly expand and in 2008 opened the popular retail showroom Harbinger, located in Los Angeles. After almost a decade with Lucas Studio Inc, Parrish founded Cameron Design Group in 2015.

Inspired by the rich legacy of historical sites, Parrish has a deep respect and appreciation for the history of furniture and decoration. She is also acutely aware of the effect that one’s environment can have on their overall well-being and sense of happiness. She brings a brightly infectious attitude and un-fussy collaborative approach to clients seeking houses that they wish to make into homes.

She is a proud mother of two and a resident of Los Angeles.

Her work has been featured in House Beautiful, Veranda, Elle Décor, Traditional Home, Luxe Magazine, Angeleno Interiors, One Kings Lane and the LA Times.